Do you have a low budget for your flat renovation? Can you not afford to change your old pine wood furniture and instead you dream of a new glamorous bedroom? Do you own an unprofitable office space? Do you need to adopt it quickly to a new use? Do you not know how to change finishing and décor in order to make your property more attractive on a sale or rental market?

Every space can be given a boost and be revitalised with a new character and unique style. Therefore we offer a service of home staging for you; in other words an answer to transform your dull space into an exciting and original living area.

In general the term ‘Home staging’ refers to preparing a property for a sale or rental. For example, a property may have a sought-after location and be competitively priced; however it may still not attract interest from investors, who may be discouraged by the property’s insufficient standard or poor appearance. The aim of home staging is to transform the property with a minimal financial input, by improving the presentation and making it more appealing for buying or renting. After the transformation, the property may achieve its desired valuation and also sell or rent quicker. Both individual and business customers (property agencies, private companies, offices of public interest) would find the service very beneficial.

Market research shows that home staging and transformation services are responsible for an average 10% increase in an offer price at the property market in Poland; as well as cutting the sales time by 40%!!!

Every project is treated on individual basis and creates a new challenge; however our view can be best described by saying:
if a life gives you a lemon, make lemonade of it!

We do not only reenergise your property; due to cooperation with many property agencies we can also assist you in the process of a sale or rental.

We encourage you to contact us directly and look forward to working on your new exciting metamorphosis!

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